Letter to my Brother Frank
Dictation For A Dictator





Poems  by Sea and Moonlight

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Letter to My Brother Frank
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We're all going to meet in the bar,
to drink and forget some things as they are,
to see the bad things from out afar.

Beads of a dark world beckon us in,
Dreams of a past world growing so dim,
True to our joy world, be it not sin.

We're off to see our friendly foe,
to you, Frank; to me, Joe.

Frank, my youngest brother, 1953 - 1988. Died in a car accident
along with his wife and daughter, one daughter survivied.

Dictation For A Dictator

Reservation for a dictator, a person astute and brave,
All the comforts of home for him, and all arrangements made.
The room jusy right to sway his mind, sway from wars of his day,
With tapestry and bright lights, a floor of softest clay.
Food from four corners of the world; bread, cake, and wine.
Pastries for him to eat, or just to look at and pine.
Music sweet and honoring too, music of his flag.
And, of course, plenty of women so he can feel quite stag.
Very few calls and visitors to harass the master's mind.
All was arranged and all must match perfect time.
And just above the floor it stands: a window open against the night,
A passage of fresh air and darkened sights.
And we hope as the dictator eats his bread,
A bullet from there will strike his head.