Sportsman's Retreat

36 ft campsite trailer
comfortably sleeps 6

Kitchen, bath with tub, 2 bedrooms
and a sleep-on sofa.

Heat - A/C, micro wave, elec/gas refrig / gas stove / oven
TV antenna & hookup. /  12 ft sun saver awning
other extras
Asking $2,000

CELL:  407-572-4086
Take Rt 28 north out of McCormick, SC
turn left onto Barksdale Ferry Rd.
turn into Catherine's Dr at the red pump house.
email :


So what's wrong with it?

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View from front deck - deck on front and forest side.

View from front door: sofa area-kitchen-full bath

Gas stove/oven/ sink/microwave

View from bath: kitchen-sofa area-master bed

Master Bed - matresses. We supply sheets, covers.

Master Bed with covers and showing wall cabinets

2nd bedroom sleeps 3. Has 2 dressers and a stand-up closet.
We supply sheets, covers.

2nd bedroom from deck door.

Tub (now that's rare in a trailer!) But careful, it is
a trailer so hot water comes 5 gallons at a time!

View from 2nd bedroom into bath


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1994 - 36' Dutchman, Classic Travel Trailer. Camper is 34 feet.
Got a fishing or hunting camp and need all the comforts of home? Here it is! 
This camper has been an unrented rental for the past 7 years. Then this summer's rains hit it hard. The leaks are sealed and some of the damage fixed. But we'd just rather sell it since no one ever rented it anyway. Very good interior, everything works, sleeps 6. This is not a camper to invest in and especially not one to haul.  Buy it, set it up at a camp site and you'll have many years of high quality shelter.

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If you even want to bother. 
NOTE: all leaks have been sealed.


How to Repair

Spilled water from kitchen sink damged floor. If arug won't do, replace bad floor panels in front of sink.

I would just toss a rug over as I did do. Or get yourself a few panels of thin hardwood florring and replace.

Leakage damage in master bed corner.

Cut out appox: 3 ft square of wall. Replace damage insulation and any wood. A 45 minute job. Or just leave it be - not an eye sore.

Leakage damage behind sink and stove..

Cut out appox: 2 ft square of wall. Replace damage insulation and any wood. A 15 minute job.

Leakage damage in closet of second bedroom.

Cut out appox: 5 ft by 2 ft  of wall. Replace damage insulation and any wood. A 30 - 45 minute job.

Leakage damage to floor areas that support stairs - front and back doors.

The hard way: Replace3 ft of beam at front door and up to 5 ft of beam and 18" of ply at back door, sand blast the metal steps and paint them. Attach steps to new beams.
The easy way: Replace the wall/floor beam that "MUST" be replaced. Attach steps unpainted to new beam.
Even easier: Forget the attached steps and place cinder blocks as steps. Or build your own steps.