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SNOW, yep, on Feb. 12-13, 2010. 4  inches




















Corner of Catherine's Drive

Corner of Catherine's Drive

8 Trees Garden

8 Trees Garden

Looking down Catherine's Dr

Looking down Catherine's Dr

Pool areaduring first snowfall

Pool area 

Porch area during second snowfall

Taking a break on the main house' porch

Grape arbor

Grape arbor

Inside back entry to wood.

Further along into wood.

First peek at morning snowfall.

First peek at morning snowfall.

Dam construction distrubed.

Dam washed away.

Deer tracks.

Dogwood over easy beanch.

Dogwood Isle.

Dogwood over easy beanch.

Front entry into wood.

Along a path near front entry into wood.

Now deep into wood.

Looking at front entry as exit.

First snowfall.

First snowfall.

Gotta turn off the flash, silly camera man!

Peering out near front entry.

Outside front entry, looking in.

On Barksdale Ferry Rd.

Now there's a sight you don't see much of.

McCormick Country Club golf course

The "Inside Creek Bed." At corner of Joe's Rd.
Let's take a stroll on Joe's Road.

Halfway on Joe's Rd, looking toward Barkdale Ferry Road.

Out of the wood and looking up Barksdale Ferry Road.

But we turn back to walk all of Joe's Road.

Peering into Joe's Road from near Barksdale Ferry Road.

About 100 feet into Joe's Rd. Looking back out.

That post is one shown above but front inside view.

Back into stroll along Joe's Rd.

At corner of Joe's Rd. and Tumble Down, looking up Tumble Down Street.

Just passed Tumble Down Street and the inside creek bed.

Dogwood Isle and the dam creek are on our left as we near the end of Joe's Road.

That tree is called the TALL TREE.

Better look at the TALL TREE

Still on Joe's Rd, but leaving it we see the Middle Wood. A field between the 2 main creeks.

Too muddy to walk the remainder of Joe's Rd. and the hillside area, we head back toward the main house. All the way up that trail.

Uphill we see a clearing at the end of the trail.

Break out at Cathy's Xmas trees.

Main house just up the rise.

Just a glance back from where we came.

Full circle from "First Snowfall" photo.

Cathy liked the maples out the kitchen window.

Pool area

Porch area during second snowfall

Pool area from where we left wood.

Look at main pump station.

Look at units 1 and 2

Two main creeks merge at Dam Creek

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