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View of Coindre Hall from main entry way. The marble statue was
donated to the school by my dad.

My first class photo - 4th  Grade, Brother Arthur S.C.

As best memory serves they are:
Johnson, Caputo, Joe Auricchio, Ray Metrulis, ?, ?
Mike Milano, Fred Barney, ?, ?,? Chipper Blaise, Paul O'Keefe
Pat Phelan
 ?, ?, ?, Steve Zucaro, Crisci, ?, Charles Abdo

I attended Coindre Hall Boarding School for Boys from 1958-1964

During my stay I performed in over 10 plays and wrote one called "The Russians  Steal Santa Claus."

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Christmas Carol

The Good Phoney
December 16, 1962


André Coindre
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      André CoindreFather André Coindre was born Feb. 26, 1787, Lyon, France and died May 30, 1826, Blois, France.
Father André Coindre was founder of the Fratres a Sacratissimo Corde Iesu (Brothers of the Sacred Heart), a Roman Catholic religious order primarily devoted to high school and elementary school education; the brotherhood is also a missionary society.The Brothers of the Sacred Heart named a boarding school Coindre Hall in honor of the order's founder. The school operated in Huntington, New York from 1939 to 1971.




Thanksgiving '03 NY 046
By: johng149

Thanksgiving '03 NY 046
By: johng149

Thanksgiving '03 NY 046
By: johng149

Thanksgiving '03 NY 046
By: johng149
There once was a teter ball court here.

Ch Recess 1964
By: johng149
The teter ball court I mentioned.. Viewed from the opposite side.

CH Award 1964
By: johng149
My brother Frank in red blazer.

CH Early Spring1964
By: johng149
Boathouse and Huntington Harbor

CH 1964
By: johng149

Dorm Life 64
By: johng149
Pretty sure this is little group dorm.


Ametur Cor Jesu
Stained Glass Window from Coindre Hall Chapel
By: c_f_milazzo

By: c_f_milazzo

Brother Arnold Bakutis (1967)
By: c_f_milazzo
Lots of memories of him.

Bro Leonard
Peter Robinson and C. Milazzo review spelling bee words with Bro. Leonard (1967?)
By: c_f_milazzo
This brother's penmanship knocked me out. It was lovely! But up until my first term with him in the 7th grade I was a basic honor student;  then he knocked me out by holding me back one year because I was too immature, he said. I never liked or excelled in school since that failure. Blame him? Maybe I was immature, maybe just pissed off until I finally quit school altogether in 1969 - never getting past the 10th grade.

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