Needs a handyman

Give us 7 hours per month of work, 
we'll give you rent free furnished apartment and garage.
You pay utilities.
No need to give up your present job.

You must have some experience with estate maintenance.

Not necessarily at a professional level.

General plumbing, electric, basic gas and electric tool operation, lawn care, gardening,
crawl spaces, roof repair, pressure wash, swimming pool care, driveway repair, human relations.
We can teach you.

Contact Cathy or Joe (864) 391-3909

View the home you will get in exchange for work, click here.

40 minutes from the MASTERS
 1 minute from the HOOTERS!
5 minutes from world famous Savannah Lakes
Right in the middle of S.C. best fishing and deer hunting.

5 minutes from downtown McCormick, 1 minute away from Monticello golf course,
inches from Savannah Lakes Village, quiet, peaceful living.  A 9-hole regulation length
golf course is all you  see in front of you. Endless forest behind, 6 acres of woodland
trails to your left, fields of grain to your right, an Olympic size swimming pool
to play in, a poolside recreational area and friends as neighbors.

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